The Office Mandate

Mandate: As per the Charter and Statutes of Chuka University, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration, Finance, Planning and Development (AFPD) Affairs (Statute VII), is the head of the Administration Division. The current officeholder is Prof. Henry Mutembei M’Ikiugu.


Division Head:


I am a Professor of Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics (Theriogenology) at University of Nairobi and on a 5-year appointment contract as the Deputy Vice Chancellor at Chuka University in charge of Administration Division (Administration, Finance, Planning and Development). Chuka University is a young and rapidly developing institution. The aspiration is to have an administration that maintains and steers shaping of positive newer frontiers of transformations. As the DVC (AFPD) I commit to chaperon transformations that shall be guided by my pledged five (5) point agenda namely:

  (i) Financial saving
  (ii) Human resource optimization
  (iii) Program/ Development prioritization
  (iv) Justified Appointment Contract performance, and
  (v) Transparent data-based institutional decisions.

Agenda 1 on financial saving shall entail DOING MORE WITH LESS”. I will implement Cost-Saving, Quality-Enhancing Reforms. More often, managers and staff in public universities in Kenya fail to be aware of current times of fiscal constraint leading to unwarranted budget spending. All of us at Chuka University must commit to maximize effective and efficient use of our resources. Let us all work to achieve the proper balance of revenue and expenditure for sustainability.

Agenda 2 on human resource optimization shall entail the “STAFF COMMITTING TO DO MORE FOR OPTIMAL PRODUCTIVITY”. In many Kenyan universities staff duty assignments lack precise descriptions of workloads, targets, expected outputs and metrics of objective output evaluation. I commit to standards of streamlined human resource utilization with clearly spelt out metrics, too, to measure productivity and impact.

Agenda 3 on Program/ Development Prioritization shall entail “CHUKA UNIVERSITY NOT TO BEING EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE”. Failure to tame this attribute often set unreasonable academic/ development priorities leading to institutional debts. I shall deal with this by implementing a three (3) goal plan of (i) maintaining and reshaping existing programs/ and development, (ii) undertaking cost-benefit analysis of emerging programs/ development needs; and (ii) implementing an upper advantage of unique institutionally distinctive program/ development agenda.

Agenda 4 on Contract Tenure Performance Justification shall entail “IMPLEMENT APPOINTMENT BASED ON JUSTIFIED PERFORMANCE”.  I shall utilize five (5) metrics to inform justification namely (i) ability to attract/retain funds, (ii) capability to improving student attraction, (iii) demonstrable skills of prudent financial management, (iv) evidence of academic excellence, and (v) ability to understand and oversee emerging higher education trends.

Agenda 5 on transparent data-based institutional decisions shall entail “BOLD LEADERSHIP AND REAL REFORM BEST PRACTICES” based on publicly available and sharable data coming from all pillars of the mission areas of Chuka University.

Prof. Henry Mutembei M’Ikiugu (PhD), Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration, Finance, Planning and Development)

Division Contact Info

Office of the DVC Administration, Finance, Planning and Development

Contact Person: Carol Muthoni Nthiiri
Physical Address: Ndagani Main Campus
Postal Address:
P.O. BOX 109 CHUKA, 60400, CHUKA

+254 (020) 233 5510

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.


Division Mandate

Responsibilities: As per the Charter and Statutes of Chuka University, the duties and responsibilities of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (AFPD Affairs) shall be (Statute VII):

  • To oversee the formulation, development and implementation of sound administrative, financial, planning, development and ICT policies;
  • To provide leadership, guidance, coordination and direction of the departments within the AFPD Division;
  • To supervise the administration, financial, planning & development activities of the University including efficient allocation of resources;
  • To coordinate preparation of financial statements, budgets, reports and analysis for presentation to Management and the University Council for approval;
  • To oversee development and management of university operating and capital budgets, physical plant and capital construction;
  • To represent the University in collective bargaining negotiations, administration and management, including labour relations, grievances handling, retirement benefits management, contract interpretation, and workers compensation;
  • To oversee preparation and analysis of the University Strategic and Operational Plans and Performance Contracts for presentation to Management and to the University Council for approval;
  • To conduct periodic audits and reviews of physical and stock records to ensure proper accounting and internal procedures have been developed and enforced;
  • To establish and maintain effective budgetary planning and procedures for ensuring strict compliance with the approved budget;
  • To coordinate implementation of procurement policies and procedures that would ensure the University receives quality goods, works and services from suppliers and value for money, including preparation of contracts, specifications and procurement rules and regulations;
  • To administer human resource functions of the University including staff appointment, deployment, retention and separation;
  • To oversee provision of health services, insurance, catering, accommodation, registry, and estates management services in the University; and
  • To ensure the Kenya Vision 2030 goals and objectives are mainstreamed into University core functions;
  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (AFPD) shall be the Chairperson of-
  1. The Human Resources Training & Development Committee
  2. The Staff Welfare Committee
  3. The Staff Disciplinary Committee (for unionisable staff in Grades I to XI)
  4. The Accommodation, Catering & Health Services Committee
  5. The Budget, Planning & Development Committee
  6. The Performance Contracting Committee
  7. The Appointment Committee for non-teaching staff in Grades XI and below.
  • In the absence of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration, Finance, Planning & Development), the Vice-Chancellor may appoint the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Research & Student Affairs) to perform his/her duties; and
  • Carry out such other duties as may be assigned or delegated by the Vice-Chancellor in line with Statute V (11). 

Main Office Supportive Staff

Senior Legal Officer

Stella Kainyu Kaburia

Assistant Registrar

Carol Muthoni

Administrative Assistant

Morris Mwenda


Doreen Kangai


Beatrice Chebet